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NHI S.A. it centralises its quality in the use and selection of raw material of excellent quality and a high level of production technology for the manufacture of products of international quality. Counting on Trazabilidad in all our raw materials and products, from the manufacture of our suppliers of first quality, with a System of Management of quality that fulfills with norm ISO 9001: 2015, with laboratories of essay and development, that allows to ensure the quality of all processes and products.

NHI S.A. is a dynamic international company, in permanent evolution that provides the maximum quality in its products, developing, distributing and manufacturing Industrial Hoses and Connections of international quality.


NHI S.A. has the experience of a team of people with extensive technical and regulatory knowledge, with the vision of providing service, productivity and quality in the flexible conduits market. Our company continues a tradition of more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture, design and distribution of rubber hoses and industrial products.


Starting in 2016 and continuing with our objective of being a leading company in Industrial Hoses we have made a representation contract with the MATEC GROUP of ITALY for the exclusive representation for Argentina of COMPOTEC COMPOSITE HOSE hoses, a leading brand in the world, certified by The most demanding standards worldwide, in this way we can offer better solutions to the fluid handling needs.


"Manufacture and commercialize hoses of diverse benefits, providing solutions for industries in the areas of fluid conduction, so much for maintenance tasks, operations and investments, counting with qualified personnel, committed to the WORK in EQUIPMENT and the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to offer products that meet the requirements and demands of internal and external customers. Optimizing resources, production efficiency and minimizing costs to achieve greater benefits for our company, generating investments for the company to grow constantly. "

"To be a leader in the markets in which it participates, committing to quality and excellence for its customers".


Aware that the quality of our products is the way to achieve improvements in the levels of satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to:


• Maintain the relationship with customers based on cooperation and communication, committing to respond professionally to the resolution of problems, always aiming to satisfy their needs to differentiate ourselves from the competition and obtain greater benefits.


• Maintain the link with suppliers seeking technical and economic optimization with respect to their supplies and processes, to obtain materials and services that contribute to the achievement of product quality and benefit to our Company.



• Provide all the personnel with the necessary training for the development of their tasks, focusing each activity towards the prevention of deviations and continuous improvement.


• The concern for the safety of its personnel and the community, as well as respect for the environment.



• Achieve a dynamic and efficient organization, committed in all sectors that compose it with this Policy, which ensures the quality of the products manufactured, the services provided and benefit to the company.

 Ing. Fernando Olives, President

Gonzalez Catan, 9 de Mayo de 2019

Tomás A. Valle 4730 - González Catán (1759) - Buenos Aires, Argentina -T. 02202-42-7280  C. 011-3470-8047 M. ventas@nhisa.com.ar